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AOL Time Warner Foundation Grant Application
Proposal Information = Required Fields

  Request Date:
  Requested Amount:
  Project Start Date:
  Project End Date:
  Short Project Title:  (Specify name of program and/or event for which funds are being requested)
  Project Description:
Describe the project
Describe the evaluation process that will be used to measure sucess of the project and the outcomes you plan to measure
Describe other partners on the project and additional funding or inkind support that will be provided by your organization or the other partners
In which of the four priorities does the project fit? (Equipping kids for the 21st Century, Extending Internet benefits to all, Engaging communities in arts, Empowering civic participation)
Who is the target audience for this project (e.g., specific age group, ethnic, or racial groups, rural, urban or international)
  Project Budget: