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Turner Foundation, Inc

One CNN Center, Suite 1090, South Tower
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

(404)681-9900 - telephone
(404)681-0172 - fax

For use by TFI staff only

PROPOSAL #________________________
ORG #____________ GM #____________


(You must fill this out and return it with your proposal. This can be handwritten - it does not need to be typed.)

Date of Application:

Organization Name:


Telephone number: __________________ Fax number: ___________________

Director: _____________ Website: _______________

Contact person and title (if not Director): ____________________

Contact person's e-mail: ______________________   Contact person's phone: ____________

Does your organization have 501 (c)(3) status with the IRS? ______
If not, please fill out fiscal sponsor information below

     Name of your fiscal sponsor (if you do not have tax exempt status): ____________________

Fiscal sponsor's address:________________________________________________________________


Contact person @ fiscal sponsoring agency:__________________________________

Telephone number for contact person @ fiscal sponsoring agency:________________

Grant Request: $ _______________

Type of request: ______ general support ______ project support

Project Title (if project funding is requested):______

Total project budget (if requests are for other than general support): $ _____________

Total organization budget: Current Year - $ __________  Previous Year - $ ___________

Summarize the organization's mission (2-3 sentences):


Summary of project or grant request (2-3 sentences):

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