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Waking Dreams & Warrior Women includes a research component examining the impact of the collaborative artistic process on the lives of women recovering from breast cancer.

Each of our current collaborative arts projects, as well as those in development, has a specific research design for outcome evaluation.

"HANGING OUT" project:

- Studies the psychological wellbeing of the women participants using standard quantitative measures of quality of life, mood, stress and body image at predetermined intervals before and after the workshop process.

- Provides qualitative evaluation of follow-up interviews which search for relationships between quantitative measures and thematic content.

- Allows for a reshaping of the experience of breast cancer through this innovative body-casting and myth-relating method

- Offers new ground for study in the field of mind/body research through its integration of mind and body therapeutic techniques.


- Utilizes a similar research design to study the transformative effects of the dreams of women with a current or past history of breast cancer in a supportive group setting.

-Complements established research demonstrating the powerful effects of support groups to enhance recovery and increase survival for women with breast cancer.

-Examines the psychological effects of a different type of support group, one which engages creative imagination through dreamwork as the agent of change.

-Uses an established method of dream group practice which is designed to promote a change in attitude and in self-concept.

-Provides potentially significant cross-study data between Waking Dreams & Warrior Women projects.


Waking Dreams & Warrior Women is a non-profit organization of physicians, artists and many others who value the relationship of the arts in medicine.

Through medical research, collaborative arts projects and educational programs Waking Dreams & Warrior Women explores the creative process in order to awaken new ways to experience healing within ourselves.


Please consider a tax-deductible contribution to Waking Dreams & Warrior Women. You may also join our Sponsorship Program-your $60 contribution gives a deserving woman the gift of Hanging Out.

For more information, please write or call:


92 Governor Bradford Dr.

Barrington, RI 02806

phone 401-245-5449 fax 401-245-2826