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Project Overview

{Flight From Slumber}

Waking Dreams Europe in collaboration with SUPERSTUDIOPIU present Flight From Slumber Milan, a fundraiser in support of Breast Health Awareness and the Examination of the relationship between Art and Medicine and Art and Healing.

Project NameFlight From Slumber Milan

Company Name Waking Dreams

Presenter Name Waking Dreams Europe & SUPERSTUDIOPGROUP

Project Goals

Number of Patrons and who we would like to reach


    Flight From Slumber is a multimedia performance of original dance, music, sculpture and photography designed to share information about breast health and to re-examine the relationship between art and medicine. This Event will be conference style combining a Dance performance with two informative lecture presentations. The main event will be followed by an art exibit of the art of Waking Dreams.

  • The event will take place in April 2002.
  • The potential dates are;April 16&17, 18&19, 23&24, 25&26 or 30&May 1, 2002.
  • Beginning at 18.00h with the dance performance and lecture presentation lasting one hour forty-five minutes.
  • Drinks and heavy ouderves will be served from the beginning of the event and will last until the end of the Dance Presentation.
  • The Dance Presentation will be followed by the openning of the art exibit with an informal discussion. Coffee and Deserts, Cheese and Wine will be offered. Ending at an appropriate time.

  • On the following day we would have an open art exibit with the potential of a body casting work shop. All to take place in the front gallery space. Time to be determined

Technical needs

  • We will need to have a stage for the Dance Presentation/Lecture
  • with production lighting
  • computer image projection
  • video projection
  • soundsystem with compact disc
  • Microphones for live music and speaking presentation.
  • Also a video projector in the gallery for the video exibit.
  • Decor for the Main Event

    • I will send a package of photographs and a video of the dance so that we can further explore the overall production look. Our object with this event is to create a product that will capture international attention without seeming extravagent. We want to show the beauty and power of our art.
    • It would be nice to seat and have food for 500 people, tables of 10 serving heavy ouderves and drinks.

      * We must continue to explore the options combined with the overall production design and timming of the program.

      I am thinking of having large banners or projections of some of our art and our logo(the Nathor pin). Other than this it would nice to keep it simple. White roses as the center pieces on the tables, and maybe we can organize it so different flower shops can contribute center pieces. We would like to have as much donated to the project as possible. We will work on getting things donated in the United States as well, of course maintaining that the overall production look is consistent.

    {Flight From Slumber}

    State assumptions about resources allocated to this project


    • This Event will be produced by Waking Dreams Europe and all contributions will go to them.

    • We are also looking for corperate sponsorship.


    • We are trying to gain the support of Dr Veronese, I spoke with Emilio Haimann from the HI! agency and he is willing to see how he can help us as we need. we also have friends in the US that will help us as well.
    • We would like to associate with local hospitals, cancer support organizations and local businesses to make this project a success.
    • We will look for volunteers to work the Event and to assist with any aspect of this production.
    • One group here in Milan which may like to help is called Activa Como Prima(?sp). Another organization is called Medicine Persona(?sp). I will find out more about these organizations. The first is a support group for women with a history of cancer and the second is an organization of physicians who want to get in touch with the more human side of beings doctors.

    • We should try to contact local pharmacutical companies to see what they might do for us.
    • Waking Dreams has a team of seventeen members working on the organization and promotion of this project. Headed by BetheAnne DeLuca-Verley, MD, founder and President of the Board, our team consists of physicians, artists, patients and a variety of professionals capable of delivering a strong product.


    • This Project will be located in the SUPERSTUDIOPUI complex via Tortona,27 - Milan 20144

    Support and outside services

    • Local News Media and possibly a local production company for A/V and lighting. Also a catering company


    • A small crew for set construction.


    • A sales agent will be established to handle possible international intrest and ticket sales.


    • This is a non profit event
    • Discuss requirements, benefits, and issues of using new procedures


    • Continue regular contact via e-mail with SUPERSTUDIOGROUP.

      By April 30,2001 establish the key Assistants/Managers.

    Current Status

    High-level overview of progress against schedule

    • On-track in what areas
    • Behind in what areas
    • Ahead in what areas
  • Unexpected delays or issues
  • Related Documents

    • Marketing plan to follow

    Location or contact name/phone

    • Giselle Borioli, Administrator, SUPERSTUDIOGROUP, via Tortona,27 - Milan 20144


    • Submit questions contact Donald Acevedo

    Location or contact name/phone

    • Donald Acevedo email:
      Waking Dreams & Warrior Women
      123 0ak Tree Avenue
      Warwick, Rhode Island 02886
      (401) 738-5404